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June 29, 2016 (Wednesday)

Updated: July 7, 2016

Last Saturday I climbed one of the mango trees near our house to get some fruits. There were a lot of obstacles before I could get the fruit, but it was worth it.

First I had to get through the (circular home-made) chicken coop my mother placed between the branches on the trunk of the tree. My mother placed a chicken coop on the entrance of the tree because some of our neighbor kids would go their and get mangoes without our permission.

-This represents the first hand obstacles we face when we first decided to live our lives for the Lord. Before we could even get to the tree towards the fruit we want to get, we have to get through the obstacles of fear and doubt of even getting in with God, of low self-esteem, of feeling unworthy, and so on. Without getting through it, there is no going ahead. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO BLESSINGS.

-The revelation for me for this is that if you will not put fence on what is yours someone will come and steal it when you’re not looking. If you let your guard down, if you forgot to put on the FULL armor of God the enemy who is always watching will come and steal away what you have until you lose all your armor. (John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8) You become a prey.  So put on the full armor of God so we are able to STAND FIRM against the strategies of the enemy. (Ephesians 6:11)

When I got through the chicken coop, I had to find my way around the branches to find where the fruits were because all the fruit that within hands reach were already harvested by me and my companions at home before that day.

-There are things we can easily reach and get, do and achieve then it’s all done but there are things that’s hard to get, things that are not on within sight. Like for example, our degree we can simply study and then graduate to get a degree but our relationship with Lord is much deeper. Before we can build a relationship with God, we first have to dig deep because some things that are of God are not easily revealed to anyone. (Psalm 25:14) You have to have first RELATIONSHIP with God to know the things of God.

-We must guard our hearts, put also a “chicken coop” in it so not just anyone can come in, so no one can steal the seed that the Lord has planted in you. Place a barrier that would guard you against the enemy.

-ONLY THE STRONG can climb the tree. If you are weak, you cannot climb into the blessings God has planned for you. Strive to be strong in the Lord so that when these obstacles come your way, you are ready to receive it. This is because you cannot grow and bear fruit if you are not strong in the Lord. If you do not stand firm on His Word and you let yourself be swayed easily, the foundations you have built will fall apart. Then you have to begin again at the very beginning.

And though I found where that fruits were, I can’t easily get it because I can’t reach it by hand. So I would need a fruit-catcher to help me get to the fruit.

-As one of my friends pointed out (since I couldn’t find the word to describe it), that is when FAITH HELPERS come in. They help us get the fruits we want to see in our lives. Our pastors and leaders, our friends, the Word and the Holy Spirit are our faith-helpers. They help us get to where God wants us to be at and BE who God wants us to be.

The fruit-catcher I had had net on it that serves as its collection bag so that the fruit would not fall to the ground. I also had a “sako”(sack) bag with me to put all the fruits I have harvested so I could get as many fruits as I want. The fruit-catcher’s collection bag collects multiple times and places all its harvest on the “sako” (sack) bag.

-The fruit-catcher and the “sako” (sack) bag serve as WINESKIN. (Matthew 9:17) They serve as the wineskin by which we put all we have received from God. Without these two, the fruit we have harvested will fall and crack, it will be a wasted. A wasted fruit. It things we received are not taken care of they become nothing more like a rotten fruit. For it to be preserved and used in accordance to its use we must PROTECT and BE ON GUARD on what we receive. Or else the enemy will steal it away from us. (John 10:10)

So be on guard. (1 Corinthians 16:13)




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