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800 years ago, the people of Pisa in Italy pisadecided to build a tower. The tower was to have bells that would ring out to the surrounding countryside as witness to the glory of God.

Things began to go wrong almost at once. After three stories had been completed, the tower developed an ominous lean to the north. Construction stopped for about 100 years. Then four more stories were added, built at an angle to shift the weight away from the tilt. But this caused the tower to begin to lean the other way.

Countless architects persisted with the curious structure for another century, trying to compensate for the ever-increasing tilt. The result was that the tower not only continued to lean, but took on a slight curve, like a banana.

The last story was added in 1372. Since then, generations of engineers have tried in vain to save the tower from its slow demise. World War II dictator Benito Mussolini ordered it to be straightened by adding hundreds of tons of concrete to the base. it only made matters worse.

The problem is the foundation. The tower is built on weak, unstable subsoil that could not support its weight. Sooner or later the tower will topple, although modern engineers have added 800 tons of lead to the base, perhaps stabilizing it for another 300 years.

Let’s hope so, because it is one of the world’s architectural treasures. But sadly, most people who see it don’t think of it as a building dedicated to reflect the glory of God.


Right Idea… Wrong Foundation. Grace Communion International (2016). Retrieved July 4,       2016, from

How I found this article:

I was searching the internet for stories which I can relate to FOUNDATION when I found this article on the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


What’s a FOUNDATION? When building a house, you FIRST have to build the foundation, right? So when there is an earthquake, what does it first hit? Is it not the foundation? This implies that we must be careful on where we put our foundation.

Foundation is important because everything else that is built with it will depend on its foundation for support. If the foundation is RIGHT then whatever you build in it will be right but if the foundation is wrong then whatever you build on it will never be prospered, whatever you build on it will easily stumble.

We must lay our foundation to Jesus because the Bible says,

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 3:11(New International Version)

The TRUE foundation, that which cannot be shaken by anything is that of the foundation laid by JESUS.




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